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My Holistic Services

Zero Balancing

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Developed by Fritz Frederick Smith MD, Osteopathic Doctor and master acupuncturist, Zero Balancing bridges the body-mind connection aligning bone energy and structure from the inside out. This gentle, deep and profound technique is described like: "A massage with your clothes on.  Acupuncture without needles.  Therapy without saying a word."



Using the feet or hands as a map for the human body, reflexology stimulates the body's reflex areas improving the blood supply and nerve functioning in the corresponding organs and body parts.

Deep Bodywork

Pressure point massage 2

Deep Bodywork integrates a variety of deep tissue therapies to restore physical and emotional well-being.  A session may begin with reflexology to improve blood supply and nerve functioning in a specific area.  Then, the whole skeleton is treated with Zero Balancing, allowing the body to reorganize from the inside out.  If applicable, Cranial Sacral Therapy is also included.  Lastly, a combination of sports massage and Trigger Point Therapy techniques are used to focus on musculature.

Pontoon Boat Massage


Be nurtured in nature's spa floating aboard a 24' boat, feeling the elements with mountain vistas and opportunities for wildlife viewing.  This service can be added to a scenic river cruise on the Saranac Lake Chain of Lakes.

Touch-Free Therapies

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Touch-free therapies

There are a variety of tools and techniques such as Reiki that do not require touch. Many can be used alone or in conjunction with bodywork.  Over ten years ago, an MD and Acupuncturist of Lake Placid, began sharing a variety of drug free patches to reduce pain, improve sleep, increase strength and balance the brain. 


More recently, a Yogi in Saranac Lake amplified opportunities with the Amethyst Biomat used by hospitals in South Korea.  The Biomat produces far infrared heat, negative ions and reduces EMF waves.  A session that meets your comfort level can be created and customized to individual preferences.  Learn more here.

Swedish Massage

Sports massage on leg

The traditional soothing style of massage that creates a sense of relaxation, reduced muscle tension and increased circulation.

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